Monday, August 27, 2012

Some of my old custom orders

Hello again,

Today i will show you some of my old projects.
For each one of the covers i worked with my client and tryed to make his/her ideas come true. All of my customers are treated equaly and not by the money the spend on their orders. I respect their ideas and i try to help them by adding something new and interesting to every project i make.
And this is what came out :)

A photo album made for a passionate hunter. His wife wanted to make him a special photo album and she find me on the internet. She told me what she needed and that she was trusting me and let me do my work and create something unique. And this came out.
All my albums are handmade and painted with airbrush.

Passepartout photo album with genuine leather covers that i painted with my airbrush.

Photo albums with simple design.

 Custom orders

Some of my latest work. This photo album you can find on :
you will find the description and the price.

Custom order made for a bride that had a looot of photos from her wedding. I made her a case covered in black velvet and leather. She was thrilled.

A family album made for a special client.

One of my first creations..

Black and white

A photo album that find it's way in UK.

Al old creation for an interesting coupple.

A great passepartout photo album. You can find it's description in here:

That's all for now.
See you next time...
Up to date (as they say) can find me and a lot of my creations:
You also can visit my etsy shop:
And in a few days for those who are fun of dawanda (etsy for europe), you will find me there in a couple of days.

Until next time, i salute you


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