Thursday, August 16, 2012

Some of my old creations and experiments we are again.
In order to finish my presentation, i wanted to show you some of my experiments, wich I'm proud of.
The jewlery boxes are my latest experiment. First i tryed all my tools and paint on leather bracelets.
 These are the jewlery boxes that i was telling you about, but how my girlfriend proved me, these can be used to store different papers of treasury.

This is a round watch storage box. 


In close up, you see a Dacian Wolf, is a Dacian symbol for power, intelligence, and also a war symbol.

The following bracelets are hand painted by me, while i was experimenting with leather.

When i bought my first tools, i had to see what they "can do". So ...there you are.

I've put these photos to show you how one can evolve by self study and experimenting.

Have a great day my friends. See you all next time


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