Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Nice to meet you

Hello everyone..
This is my first time blogging so please be patient with me.

Before i present you my business, i wanted to say something about myself so you can know me better.
I'm 38 years old and i live in Romania-Europe.
After decades of path searching I've finally realised that bookbinding is something i like to do.
In 2003 i begin to work as a photographer taking pictures at high schools and weddings. And because i didn't found photo albums that i liked, i started making my own. Still...i wasn't satisfied and i wanted more. I knew that i can do better albums, creative and unique ones.
So i beguine studying about leather work it and started creating photo albums, journals and lately book restoration.
I didn't took and classes in bookbinding and book restoration, not because i didn't afford them, but because they don't exist in Romania. At least not to my knowledge.
Everything i did and learned was by experimenting and with a few advices from other bookbinders that i had the privilege to meet. And for that I'm grateful.
They taught me about the tools i need. And because money were a problem i started to make my own working tools, which i use in present day too. 
And now, after more that 5 years of hard work and a lot of experiments (and still learning and searching), I'm proud of my work and my ambition.
So, I'm proud to be one of the living examples that prove that hard work and ambition can bring out the best in a man. At least this is what happened with me. And for that I'm grateful to life.
In present day i try to do only unique creations and custom orders that common bookbinders will refuse because of the hard work and complexity.
During the creative process i try to communicate with my customer in order to have the best product and satisfaction. I listen all my client's idea and i try to make it possible.
And if my client doesn't know what he wants, i make him some propositions in base of what he needs. 
In the end i wanted to put some pictures with me to give you an idea about what i can do.
In the following posts you will find a lot of my work and projects. You will also find some tutorials about "how is made" or better yet..."how i make" my custom orders.

In the end i want to say thanks to all my "teachers" who gave me a lot of good advices and let them know that they can be proud of their apprentice.

My best friend and only employer Igor! :))

 As you can see he is working hard

This is me working at the biggest photo album I've made.

Partners at work :)

Igor is giving me some bookbinding instructions

That's all for now. I promise i will get back soon with some tutorials about how i've made this great album.
Have a great day all of you.



  1. First comment!
    I love your use of leather, really innovative and amazingly self-taught.

    I'll wait for more to come


  2. Thank you Francesca for your appriciations. This is my way of expresing myself and i try to keep the traditional lines in bookbinding and still, to bring something new witouth copying others. I love to work with leather and i use it in every project i make. In the following days i will post some photos of old projects i've made and i hope you will enjoy them as well. I hope that in the future i will have time to make some new tutorials.




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