Sunday, October 7, 2012

My ultimate and best creation ever!

Hello again..
Today I've decided to finally post my newest and best creation. This is the supreme "jewelry" i have ever made.
It's a photo album made for a dear friend of mine, who gave me the honour to create for her a piece of her past, present and future works.
I'm talking about Marelle Couture! You can find her as one of my favorite blogs. She wanted something unique to put all her incredible creations and to leave something behind. Her she said.
You will also find some photos during the creation process. So if you have any questions regarding how it was made, don't hesitate to write me here on the blog, or to my e-mail:
I have to mention that the accessories belong to Marelle. She wanted me to include them on the album...and this is what came out. I hope you will like what you'll see and give it forward.

Have a great day and a incredible week.

1. First of all I've made the interior of the album. It's a passepartout one...and it took me a lot of work. But's a great piece and it's worth the effort.

The dyes are made of magnesium. best friend Igor was modeling for me :).

This is the album block.

I engraved Marelle's Logo.

And here are the sketches I've made for the covers.

As i said before, the accessories belong to Marelle.

The gift box is also personalized for Marelle.

Proudly handmaded in Romania!!!

The personalized interior.

All about shapes and handmade!

So my friends, i hope you like my ultimate creation.
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me.


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