Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A tale from Transylvania

Hello again,

I wanted to post a few journals i made, and a photo album, all in one list. But there are so many details and stories that i would have feel sorry if i have done that. So...i choose to post each one of a time.

So first, and one of my favorite, is a diary called A tale from Transylvania.

Large leather journal, "A tale from Transylvania", Gothic style, with 640 pages (counting side by side)and 7.9x11inch (20.5x28cm), in gift box.

For the journal block I used 80g white paper. The sewing of the journal block was made by hand and for end paper I used brown silk paper. As very important and catching detail, edges of book block was carved by hand, antiqued and treated to look old with brown and gold color.

I made the cover using genuine leather, tooled by hand. The walls from front and back covers was carved by hand in cardboard and leather. Also the window bars in Gothic style, the landscape of tree in front of moon was made in leather and special cardboard and colored by hand.

Color of leather and shiny effect was made by hand using traditional solutions based on alcohol. There is nothing modern or chemicals in it. All the procedures were traditional. The result is what you see, a beautiful book with an Gothic style.

The idea was to create the sensation that you, from outside of the journal, are inside of an old castle, in the middle of Transylvania, deep in the Carpathian mountains, at the beginning of November... Your exterior world is inside the journal. The short story would be something like this... imagine a big dark room, in a medieval castle, the only light being a fireplace and an old vampire, hidden behind curtains wakes his progeny: "Child, wake up, look at the window, the moon between the branches shows that is almost midnight, it's time to go. Yes, unleash the beast from inside of you into the world that is inside the journal, write something memorable. In that way you'll be the beast in the dark world kept inside the book and you could be a better person inside your castle, the real world. "

If it matters to you, I the artisan, I am from Transylvania with roots in the mountains... this book is a already a full story for those who can read it .

I hope you will like as much as the person who has it right now loves it.

 That is all for now. I will get back soon with more posts.

Please feel free to contact me is you have questions regarding this journal. And if you have a dream diary that you want and you think i'm the man for the job, please feel free to contact me on my e-mail:

That's all folks :)


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