Sunday, March 17, 2013

A lot of work

Well my friends...long time no see.

I had a lot of work to do in these last few months, and i didn't have any time to post.
So, for my latest creations, i will put some photos in here.
Most of them are allready sold, but i accept you r custom orders and make you unique and interesting journals or photo albums.
So...let's see what i've got for you.

1. Blue jeans

 2. Winter rose

And now i will show you 2 of my dearest creations. The first i called "the ship of life" and because sepia photography is one of my fauvorite, this is what came out...

So ...that's it for now. In the next few days i will put other of my creations.
Untill then, i wish you all the best and the week that will just begin to give you all it's best.

Don't forget to visit my etsy store, and my other pages where you will find more of my creations.


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